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Key employee engagement technologies to include in your 2023 budget

January 5, 2023

In today’s difficult labor market, companies are focusing heavily on employee engagement. The reasoning is simple: highly engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their place of work. Additionally, teams with stellar engagement practices experience 59% less turnover than their competitors who treat engagement like an afterthought.

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Why are workers quitting steady jobs?

December 9, 2022

The Great Resignation is on pace to continue in 2023, with PwC reporting that one in five workers are likely to switch jobs in the near future. In light of this, employers everywhere are scrambling to figure out why workers are quitting and what they can do to retain talent. 

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Evolving QA & QC Reporting in the Medical Equipment Industry

November 18, 2022

Despite the push toward digitization, medical equipment manufacturers are still relying on manual processes that are outdated and inefficient when it comes to quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC).

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