Transform training and reporting to achieve excellence and surpass standards

Unlock the potential of your healthcare workforce with a mobile training and compliance platform designed for the unique demands of the healthcare industry. Make an immediate impact on patient satisfaction as your team quickly and confidently masters the complexities of HIPAA, Joint Commission, and other regulatory challenges.

Elevate patient care

Directly impact patient satisfaction and safety with a team trained to the highest standards, including CMS and HCQIA regulations.

Develop your talent

Position your organization as a leader in healthcare education as you develop people to succeed today and move up tomorrow.

Make compliance seamless

Navigate facility and medical equipment compliance (OSHA, FDA, CMS, and DEA) and reporting requirements for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Patient care and satisfaction start with your people

With FLX Systems, you can reduce the workflow learning and reporting burden on your staff, so they can focus on patient safety and satisfaction.  As you improve operational efficiency with training through Frontliner, you’ll see better clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction, and financial performance. With Vizual Proof safety and incident reporting, video action prompts make reporting fast, accurate, and auditable to reduce compliance risk.


Quick deployment of relevant training helps your people keep pace with regulatory changes and adapt to real-time needs, optimizing staff time and reducing disruptions to care.


Transform training processes to save time and resources, directly impacting your bottom line as you improve staff performance and compliance.


Our tools enhance patient safety as you reduce risk to staff and patients, align with care guidelines and regulatory standards, and accelerate incident, accident, and compliance reporting.


Manage the challenge of constantly changing regs and guidelines with frontline job-support tools and mobile access to current documentation, care standards, and evidence-based guidelines.

See what we can do for you

Physicians, nurses, staff, and other frontline employees in healthcare can benefit greatly from training, reporting, and performance support tools. Learn more today about how FLX Systems’ solutions can help organizations like yours.

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Optimize your healthcare training and reporting

When you leverage the latest digital training and reporting tools, you can:

  • Create custom learning paths: Tailor training to focus on areas that directly impact patient care and compliance.
  • Provide agile content delivery: Quickly adapt to regulatory changes, ensuring your team is always up-to-date.
  • Achieve improved communication: Push text notifications about training and certification requirements to your people and allow them to share video best practices and other tips with peers.


Achieve clinical and compliance excellence

FLX’s Vizual Proof video-based mobile reporting tools help you excel in meeting and exceeding healthcare standards.

  • Accurate reporting: Ensure compliance with regulations like EMTALA and HCQIA through detailed, accurate reporting.
  • Up-to-date compliance: Stay ahead of healthcare compliance trends, including Joint Commission standards and MACRA requirements.
  • Risk mitigation: Reduce non-compliance risk and associated penalties with proactive training and reporting tools.


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Learn how FLX Systems’ training, reporting, and communication solutions can help healthcare employers.

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