Roll out the welcome mat for employee success

FLX’s mobile tools can simplify frontline training in ways that will drive employee retention and delight your customers. The tools can also improve compliance to protect employees, customers, and your bottom line. Best of all, it seamlessly integrates with your existing tech stack to show you ROI on your overall workflow learning investment.

Training on demand

You can easily customize FLX for the needs of specific job roles and locations, enhancing staff productivity and service quality with industry-specific training, directly impacting your bottom line.

Reduce operational costs

Mobile training will cut down on traditional training paperwork and put knowledge into the hands of your people. Fix compliance issues with video-first reporting and avoid penalties, fines, or worse.

Enhance customer satisfaction

Deliver superior guest experiences with better staff training and increase repeat business and positive reviews — key factors in revenue growth.

Put training and reporting excellence at your service

Balancing exceptional service standards with regulatory compliance and continuous talent development has never been easier. With FLX, your managers and employees have the tools to keep up with the ever-changing hospitality landscape. They’ll learn and grow as your business flourishes and your customers take notice.


Connect training to delivery and action as your people tap into the knowledge that you need at the moment that they need it. See how enhanced service quality and customer safety boost your bottom line. Also, in a high-turnover industry, training is a key difference in attracting and retaining the youngest generations in the workforce.


Even something as simple as a proper greeting by a reservation agent and using a guest’s name can increase the likelihood of rebooking 2.5 times. Poor training can result in subpar guest experiences, damaging brand reputation and revenue potential.


Standardize training across various hospitality functions and locations while tailoring solutions by location and job role, and maintaining high engagement levels.


On-demand mobile training and reporting can improve compliance with the labyrinth of health and safety standards unique to hospitality, from food safety to guest accommodation.

See what we can do for you

Mobile training and compliance reporting can make a big difference to frontline employees in the hospitality industry. Learn more today about how FLX Systems’ solutions can help organizations like yours.

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Craft training for your unique needs

With FLX mobile training solutions, you can improve delivery even as you reduce costs with

  • Adaptability: Document management and version control make it easier to update evolving hospitality laws and safety guidelines, keeping your team informed and compliant.
  • Peer learning: Employees can use video to share knowledge based on their experience to provide better customer service.
  • Employee experience: Mobile training and knowledge access demonstrate a commitment to employee development, which can improve retention rates and overall job satisfaction.


Improve safety and compliance

FLX's Vizual Proof video-based mobile reporting tools can benefit your bottom line in many ways, including:

  • Verification: Vizual Proof's time-, date-, and location-stamped video allows you to see issues and fix them faster, reducing the risk of accidents and liabilities.
  • Accountability: Mobile reporting creates a clear audit trail that you can tailor to hospitality standards, from food safety to guest privacy.
  • Speed: Mobile reporting streamlines the reporting process, reducing paperwork and administrative burden, so managers and employees can spend more time taking care of guests.


See for yourself

Learn how FLX Systems’ training, reporting, and communication solutions can make a difference in the hospitality industry.

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