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Lighten the training and compliance load for the long haul

Employee training and compliance reporting is an ongoing challenge, whether you are in trucking, rail, aviation, or maritime. Managing workflow learning, meeting DOT and other federal and state compliance standards, and making safety and incident reporting easy for everyone can be overwhelming. FLX’s mobile-based employee training and safety compliance solutions can put you and your people on the journey to success.

Make reporting simple

Video-driven reporting with interactive overlays prompts users with questions and recommends actions. It guarantees completion with time, date, and location stamped video that can be converted to PDF.

Reduce administrative overhead

Seamlessly stay current on DOT, OSHA, FMCSA, FRA, FAA, and MARAD regulations with easy back-end management.

Customize for your needs

Elevate safety standards across all modes of transportation with specialized, sector-specific training modules.

Safety and employee success are a journey, not a destination

Employee training and compliance needs are never-ending in the transportation industry. FLX gives you the ease and flexibility to roll out new forms, documentation, videos, quizzes, and more to save you time, money, and headaches. You can reduce non-compliance risks and elevate safety standards with Vizual Proof’s video documentation that provides absolute proof inspections were done, and everything was in working order — an important layer of protection in our litigious society.

Trucking industry compliance

Get in the express lane for FMCSA and DOT compliance as you streamline Hours of Service, Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports, and other FMCSA regulations head-on, ensuring DOT compliance at every turn.

RaiI industry compliance

Stay on track with FRA safety standards and operational practices, ensuring your rail operations meet the highest safety benchmarks.

Aviation industry compliance

Reach your cruising altitude for compliance with FAA regulations, including flight safety, maintenance protocols, and crew training.

Maritime industry compliance

It’s smooth sailing when maritime operations comply with MARAD guidelines and OSHA’s maritime-specific safety requirements.

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We make compliance and safety faster and easier for trucking, rail, aviation, and maritime employers. Learn more today about how FLX Systems’ solutions can help organizations like yours.

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Faster, smarter delivery of employee training

Classroom training may work for white-collar employers, but FLX knows the unique needs of transportation workforces, including:

  • Compliance and safety managers: A digital workflow reduces the challenge of launching new compliance protocols and training, and sunsetting out-of-date materials.
  • Line managers: It’s easy to create, schedule, and deploy training, as well as track performance metrics. They can even push training and critical information with text notifications.
  • Frontline employees: Mobile access means your people can get asset information by scanning, voice commanding, or finger tapping, then completing it when convenient. They can even easily capture video training for peers to share with managers for approval.


Improve safety and compliance

FLX’s Vizual Proof video-based mobile reporting tools make it easier to guarantee compliance reporting accuracy and reliability.

  • Detailed, real-time compliance monitoring that’s video-first and stamped with date, time, and location data.
  • Easy output for electronic filing with PDF or any other required format.
  • Accurate, audit-ready reporting features. Anyone who needs access to complete reports will find what’s required quickly.


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