Yeah, but WHY?

The bottom line.

Frontliners are responsible for your bottom line. And when an elevated, engaged, empowered workforce is given tools to perform, the sky’s the limit.

We’re elevating your frontliners.

FLX empowers deskless workers through technology. We develop software solutions for the underrepresented 80% of global workers who do their jobs on the sales floor or in the service field.

Powering your success.

We make you a promise every day:

We empower your frontline by giving them the tools they need to perform for you.

It’s that simple.


Learning never ends

The day comes to an end, but your employees are never done learning. Give them resources they can use at any time.

to focus on

Speed and ease

It takes just a few minutes for your frontliners to get up to speed and take their newfound empowerment to the bank for you.


Information travels

They're on their feet, and always moving. Make their time more efficient by giving them tools that travel.


Feels good, right?

Your workforce wants to perform their best. Giving them the right tools means their success is yours too.

More than just a mobile app, FLX powers your organization from the frontline to the C-suite.

By improving how your employees learn and report on the things that matter most, you boost morale, expertise, and revenue.

One-click reporting from our management console gives leadership real-time access to highly customizable KPIs, guaranteeing that you can see how engagement positively impacts your bottom line.

Businesses perform because employees deliver.

Frontliners have enough work to do⏤their tools should work for them.
Businesses perform because employees deliver.

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Employee expertise builds the customer experience

"Technology made the remote workplace possible, and in the same manner, it can improve the employees’ training experiences."


Three Ways Technology Can Enhance Employee Training

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