Elevate, Engage, and Empower Your Frontline

We’re changing the game for people who work away from a desk, integrating all the tools they need in one platform and enhancing their impact on the bottom line.

Engage Employees

Authentically engage your people, no matter where their work takes them.

Empower Success

Go beyond training. Deliver true employee empowerment with FLX’s support, performance, and knowledge-base systems.

Training, Documentation & Information — Right In Their Hands

With FLX, you never need to pull someone off the floor or in from the field, not even to generate an incident or compliance report. They’re also more productive because you can bring all of their disconnected workplace programs onto one platform. They’re more efficient and perform better, whether using tools from their own device or company-issued hardware.

The results: higher performance and greater compliance, faster.

Tools for every aspect of work — from one toolbox

The potential is limitless when frontline workers have the tools in their hands to perform every aspect of their jobs efficiently and effectively in the flow of work.

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The average employee has less than 30 minutes a week to focus on training and development. FLX Frontliner helps your non-desk workforce make every minute count — getting them the training they need in ways no LMS can touch while keeping them engaged and productive.


Traditional field reporting is failing today’s frontline workforce. FLX Vizual Proof gives them performance-supporting technology for reporting that’s easier, faster, and accurate. You ensure greater compliance management and better workplace safety. It even instantly converts digital reports to PDF for "paper" filing.


Now you can better enable frontline performance with on-demand access to tools that matter to every employee — from having easy access to job knowledge and product information (with info easily accessed by finger tap, barcode scan, or voice-command search) to leveraging rich, robust, and multi-featured communication and messaging.


More than 80% of frontline employees feel unappreciated and disconnected from their company, and poor communication is often the reason why.

Improve frontline engagement, loyalty, and productivity with a communication channel that’s easy to use and manage and can deliver a variety of content and messaging.


No one likes wasting time and jumping through hoops to access disconnected workplace solutions. FLX solves that challenge.

The core technology of the FLX system is built to be strong, scalable, and flexible enough to not only connect all of our programs but to also integrate any other workplace software, currently or down the road.

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"FLX did a fantastic job of understanding our unique business challenge and adapting their technology to meet our specific needs. The result has been a game changer in the way we prepare our on-site clinicians and support our client’s during and after a disruptive event. This enabled us to both increase our service and reduce our costs."

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