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We empower your teams with the knowledge, confidence, skills, and resources needed to help your company thrive.

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About FLX Systems & You

We are FLX. You may be too.

This is an exceptional opportunity for a thoughtful, energetic person looking to dive into an entrepreneurial environment⏤learning from and contributing to a rising tech company, with outstanding individual earning potential along the way.

Engineered for frontline workers in any industry, FLX Systems is a mobile and web-based SaaS startup that gives employees on-demand access to easily customizable training, knowledge, and reporting tools.

Born just a few years ago in Chattanooga, TN, our clients already include a nationwide, multi-billion dollar retailer, a globally recognized healthcare provider, and an iconic hospitality and entertainment brand.

Primed to grow fast, we’re now hiring top-level talent for our new office in Nashville, TN.

Engage with us; Empower frontliners

Life at FLX.

Our elevated software services give people the ability to engage training and knowledge solutions that empower exceptional performance—helping them become valued, capable, confident contributors to their workplaces, and their lives beyond:

We help people become the best versions of themselves.

Toward that end, we exclusively hire people who relentlessly learn and grow, and who like to help others do the same. We know that our people are our single greatest asset, and we treat each other accordingly—on the best and most challenging days.

We value hard, smart work; we value thoughtful, critical thinkers who take action; we also value fun, rest, and balance (at work and away from it).

If you’re among the talented folks we hire, you will find yourself on a team that is at once competitive, collaborative, and highly supportive.