Enhance Collaboration & Knowledge Sharing

The FLX platform creates an environment where frontline workers anywhere can easily connect, collaborate, share best practices and real-world experiences, and access the valuable information they need to perform better every day.


It’s time to truly connect the frontline

Our mobile performance-support tools connect deskless employees with what they need to know — wherever they are, whenever they need it. We take a different approach to knowledge sharing that enables:

  • Complete accessibility and convenience for the frontline workforce
  • Enhanced collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Social learning that facilitates greater teamwork

Benefit from a true mobile-optimized user interface with efficient digital tools to drive engagement and a seamless experience for frontline workers.

Supporting frontliners in every industry.


Easily streamline information access

Boost frontline performance with scalable, engaging, easy-to-use, and easy-to-deploy mobile and web-based communications and information access.

  • Robust search functionality — for fast access to job-specific knowledge
  • Barcode scanning —to access job knowledge and support tools
  • Voice command functionality — to access job knowledge and support tools

The power of integrated frontline tools

FLX Systems has reshaped the frontline experience, integrating efficient knowledge sharing with streamlined, mobile-first incident and compliance reporting.

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Modern frontline communication

From feedback to reporting


Intuitive user experience

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Enablement features include video-based employee feedback and information sharing, scheduled messages, nudges, and deployment of corporate documents and videos.

The many communication features across the FLX platform are easy to implement, easy for employees to learn and use, and adaptable to almost any industry.

Information can be accessed and shared on native iOS or Android native apps or from a web app, easily accessed by designated users at any time.

Integrations include open API support, seamless integration with most enterprise software programs, and deep linking to other mobile and SaaS solutions.

FLX offers enhanced legal protection by digitally stamping every recording with the date, time, location, and approved employee information.

Communication tools range from enhanced employee reporting functions to supporting managers and leaders with customized dashboards and business intelligence discovery.


Embrace the full potential of your frontline

We’ll be in touch soon to schedule a time to show you the difference of training that ensures your frontline workforce has performance supporting tools that it needs to succeed, are accessible and delivered when they need them, and will help you attract and retain the best talent.

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