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Fulfill the potential of your frontline workforce

Frontliner® gives every non-desk employee easy  access to 
effective and meaningful training and knowledge — on a platform completely integrated with tools for operations management and reporting and compliance.


It’s time for frontline training 
that makes a difference

Frontline workers want to achieve more, but most learning models and platforms are holding them back — and hurting your company.

  • Only 13% of frontline workers feel engaged in their workplace.
  • Frontline employees spend 1.8 hours a day searching for information. 
That’s 9.3 hours a week on average — more than a full workday.

It’s time to rethink how we deliver training and knowledge to the frontline and empower them to access the knowledge they need, in the field or on the floor.

Supporting frontliners in every industry.


Remove the training challenges, improve business

Imagine the difference in employee performance and career development if every non-desk worker had access to dynamic, interactive mobile-first training, customizable knowledge bases, and job aids. You would improve:

  • Productivity — thanks to just-in-time learning, customized learning experiences, real-time analytics, and ease of use
  • Workplace safety — by addressing real-life scenarios, maximizing learning retention, and providing timely help
  • Efficiency —  on-demand access to tools that help the frontline overcome daily challenges and solve problems faster

See what we mean

Regardless of your  frontline training challenges, see how Frontliner can overcome them, either as a standalone app or part of the FLX suite of empowerment tools.

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New Feature

Real-life, real-time support

share with team members

Turn experience into knowledge

Easily accessible

Send and view in multiple formats

Take a tour of Frontliner to see what we mean

In just over a minute, see how Frontliner® drives greater performance for non-desk employees — right here, right now, and every day going forward.

Ready to improve your frontline workforce?

Let us show your how Frontliner® can overcome the challenges you’re facing today as well as explore FLX System’s complete suite of fully integrated empowerment tools.

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Create, deploy, and manage  — easily

Easy-to-use back-end management lets administrators quickly create and deploy training content and manage other valuable features — notifications, product knowledge, user-level controls, and more.

Deploy videos (and add interactive elements to existing video content), documents, SCORM files, weblinks, configurable quizzes and surveys, learning checklists, and interactive learning games.

Ensure privacy and security — absolutely

Individual employee login means your system and their information are secure and content access is properly managed.

Train, test, and manage — seamlessly

Leverage the efficiencies of integrated training, testing, and management at all levels of development. Automate deployment of any training, being able to schedule training in a variety of ways, organized by roles, locations, classification, and department.

Alert and share — smoothly

Enable push notifications to alert employees when a training assignment is available, or simply share any kind of company communication. Use interactive overlays to walk managers through all actions an employee needs display and the skills they need to demonstrate.

Track employee connection  — comprehensively

The comprehensive reporting system provides access to a vast array of data that can be customized to your company’s specific needs.

Learn from any device — efficiently

Job knowledge and product information is easily accessed simply by scanning a bar code or conducting a voice-command search, on any device.

Video Conference — Anywhere

With integrated video conferencing, team members can easily and efficiently communicate and work through any challenge in the field.


Embrace the full potential of your frontline

We’ll be in touch soon to schedule a time to show you the difference of training that ensures your frontline workforce has performance supporting tools that it needs to succeed, are accessible and delivered when they need them, and will help you attract and retain the best talent.

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