Power up safety and compliance in your workplace

Electric, water, natural gas, and telecommunication utilities keep the entire economy moving. However, the workplace risks and dangers are significant for employees and people in the communities that they serve. With FLX Systems, you can create a safety-first culture that delivers employee training anywhere, making compliance reporting efficient for everyone and auditable by any inspector or regulator.

Improve record keeping

Guarantee completion of regular safety audits, inspections, and accident reports with time, date, and location stamped video verification — easily converted to PDF.

Train and verify

Reach employees wherever they work and maintain thorough records of safety training sessions — including proof that general, industry-specific, and refresher training was completed.

Measure effectiveness

With just a click, managers can schedule recurring training, track participation, and use quizzes to assess knowledge retention and application on the job.

Shine a light on safety and see the results

With FLX Systems, you can give employees instant access to safety training and knowledge bases in the plant and beyond. With workflow learning through Frontliner, employees can access SOPs, heavy equipment training, and more in real time. With Vizual Proof safety and incident reporting, video action prompts make reporting fast and easy for electronic filing inside your company or with outside regulatory agencies.


With FLX, it’s easier to maintain complete and accurate OSHA 300 logs, Safety Data Sheets, and other records to verify compliance with federal and state regulatory standards. Also, integrated testing from any device helps employees avoid violations of OSHA, EPA, NERC, FERC, and other regulatory standards.


Employees can tap into need-to-know information with Frontliner on any device at any time. Have a critical maintenance update? You can push text notifications with documents and videos to inform your team quickly.


FLX Systems is designed to integrate seamlessly with your other work systems. FLX also makes it faster and easier to update training and documentation as machinery, software, and production techniques change.


Workplace accidents are costly in many ways — tens of thousands of dollars per injury and millions per fatality, plus fines and other penalties. Training investments are far smaller than the costs of getting it wrong.

See what we can do for you

Frontline employees in utilities need access to mobile training and reporting more than ever. Learn more today about how FLX Systems’ solutions can help organizations like yours.

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Charge up your employee training

It’s tough to balance training needs with service demands. Mobile training with FLX just makes more sense for utilities. Why?

  • Continuous learning: Mobile training helps your skilled labor maintain training and compliance certifications and keep their skills up to date.
  • Accessibility: Mobile access makes regulatory updates and SOPs easier for managers and employees in the field or at a transmission facility to find, use, and update.
  • Peer learning: Your best people can share tips acquired from experience. FLX makes it easy for your experts to record videos to share, with an easy audit and approval process for your managers.


Improve safety and compliance

FLX’s Vizual Proof tools make the difficult job of compliance a little easier. How?

  • Clarity: Reporting a safety issue promptly with Vizual Proof's time-, date-, and location-stamped video and text interface allows managers to understand issues quickly.
  • Speed: OSHA, EPA, and other regulatory agencies require prompt electronic filing of reports. You can quickly convert a video report into any other filing and record-keeping format.
  • Customization: Managers can quickly adapt FLX reporting to any safety or compliance need that you have now or in the future.


See for yourself

Learn how FLX Systems’ training, reporting, and communication solutions can make utilities safe, efficient, productive, and compliant with regulatory standards.

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