Maximizing the talent potential of your retail workforce

With the right knowledge at the right time, your people can delight customers, which leads to return visits and greater share of wallet. With FLX Frontliner, you can deliver on-demand mobile workflow learning that boosts your people’s confidence. When answers are just a click away, supporting your customers is easier.

No email? No problem.

Push text notifications with up-to-date training, including videos and documents, to help your people keep up with seasonal variability and product updates.

Unlock peer expertise

Your best managers and employees can create video learning with tips, tricks, and best practices that you quickly approve and share with your team.

Boost employee retention

Training reduces turnover, gives your frontline the digital workplace tools they want, and creates a better employee experience.

Put power in your people’s hands

A knowledgeable employee is your best brand ambassador. With FLX, you can make better mobile-based training, knowledge access, and push notifications available anywhere — on the sales floor, at the register, and in the stock room.


Retail employee tenure is often measured in weeks and months. You need to get your people productive quickly. With training solutions from FLX, your people get on-demand access to product information and job aids to improve team member confidence. The result? Job satisfaction that has a direct and positive impact on employee turnover.


Wharton research shows retail employee training makes a big impact — any amount of training leads to a 46% increase in productivity. Training boosts sales, profit, and revenue.


Managers and admins can easily update documents and SOPs in your knowledge base with new product information, loss-prevention protocols, POS system training, and other resources.


Error-free, video-based reports are instantly and securely stored for managers to access anytime by simply searching by employee ID, date, location, or other criteria.

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Faster, smarter delivery of employee training

Mobile training delivers more benefits than reducing the need for physical materials and the costs associated with classroom training and paper binders, including:

  • Adaptability: Managers find document management and version control easier, making updates more manageable to roll out than printed materials or traditional training programs, which is an advantage in rapidly changing retail settings.
  • Continuous learning: Employees can provide better customer service by staying up-to-date with just-in-time product knowledge, sales techniques, and industry trends.
  • Employee experience: Mobile training and knowledge access demonstrate a commitment to employee development, which can improve retention rates and overall job satisfaction.


Improve safety and compliance

FLX’s Vizual Proof is a valuable tool in the remediation of safety and compliance issues. How?

  • Clarity: Reporting a safety issue promptly with Vizual Proof's video that is time-, date-, and location-stamped allows you to see and fix the problem faster, reducing the risk of accidents and liabilities.
  • Accountability: Mobile reporting creates a clear audit trail, so you know that safety, loss prevention, and other compliance issues are being addressed.
  • Speed: Mobile reporting streamlines the reporting process, reducing paperwork, and administrative burden, so managers and employees can spend more time caring for customers.


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