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Frontliner gives employees instant access to the knowledge and tools they need to excel at their jobs—and it's easily optimized for virtually any organization, in any industry.

System Features

Supporting frontliners in every industry.

Frontliners are brand ambassadors

Engage and empower your best brand ambassadors.

Frontliner manages the creation and deployment of training; delivers a variety of dynamic, interactive tools that enhance learning experiences; and it gives your frontline workers on-demand access to customizable knowledge bases and job aids that boost job performance and engagement.

To put it another way, we make employees your best brand ambassadors.

Take it easy

Deploy and manage easily.

Our backend management system is also ridiculously easy to use, at once providing access to critical data and KPIs while seamlessly integrating with existing LMS, CRM, and other mission-critical platforms.

Oh yeah, and with just a click, you can also automate the scheduling of onboarding and recurring certification trainings.

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Frontliner is available as a standalone application, or as part of the FLX suite of empowerment tools.

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Frontliner is:

Easy-to-use backend management system allows administrators to quickly create and deploy training content, as well as manage other features such as notifications, product knowledge, and user-level controls.

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Employee login provides security and manages accessible content.

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Push notifications alert employees when a training assignment is available, or simply share company communications of any kind.

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Integrated training, testing, and management ensures success at all levels.

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Job knowledge and product info is easily accessed by scanning a bar code or conducting a voice-command search.

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Integrated video conferencing allows team members to communicate and work through challenges faced in the field.

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Comprehensive reporting system provides access to a vast array of data, customized to your company’s specific needs.

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Employee expertise builds the customer experience

"Self-paced training is effective when the objective of the training is to communicate information or when the target audience has different levels of experience and knowledge"


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