Frontliner + Vizual Proof

Manage inspections, QA, documentation, knowledge tools, and prevention.
All from one device.

Frontliner empowers independence in the field by equipping your team with on-demand training, reporting, and job-aid tools.

Vizual Proof guarantees speed and accuracy for inspections and reporting processes that often slow progress and drain employee energy.

electronic efficiency

Building on a foundation of anywhere, anytime reporting and guaranteed compliance.

Vizual Proof eliminates slow, error-laden paper piles and antiquated reporting processes.

Easily customized text and graphic overlays on a mobile device’s camera screen provide step-by-step, task-specific prompts so that employees efficiently garner exactly what management needs—all while video recording the process.

Accurate reporting reduces costs

Instant visibility into your job site translates into near-immediate return on investment.

Save yourself from pay-later problems.

Quickly and intuitively investigate and record incidents, hazards, inspections, behavior-based safety observations, and more.

The moment a report is completed with Vizual Proof, it’s instantly converted to a hybrid text-video file and easily accessed on our backend management system–in the office, or from the field.

Analyze your info, then deploy safety and training improvements with the click of a button.

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Vizual Proof and Frontliner are available as standalone applications, or together as part of the FLX suite of empowerment tools.

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