Drilling & Mining

Frontliner + Vizual Proof

In one of the world’s most dangerous industries, it’s critical to deploy user-friendly compliance, knowledge, and reporting solutions.

ONLINE AND OFFLINE, Simple = safer

Frontliner brings power to your people, no matter where their work takes them.

From ISO certs and MSHA and OSHA requirements to CAPA and LOTO procedures, Frontliner gives field employees paperless, on-demand access to all your safety, knowledge, and inspection tools—easily deployed via mobile device (online and offline).


Reduce risk, and dig deeper into Vizual Proof's seamless safeguarding.

Vizual Proof is a first-of-its-kind preventative technology, literally guaranteeing that frontliners execute fast and flawless inspections and reports so that safety is never neglected.

Easily customize graphic or text-based prompts and deploy to any mobile device—providing task-specific, step-by-step instructions for employees while simultaneously capturing video proof of the event.

The info is then immediately converted to a hybrid text-video file, instantly notifying appropriate supervisors of any concerns and required follow-up action.

Insightful data is accessed and analyzed on our backend management system, empowering your team to create a safer, more productive field environment.

Empower your teams, try it now.

Vizual Proof and Frontliner are available as standalone applications, or together as part of the FLX suite of empowerment tools.

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