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In the age of online shopping, building customer loyalty through positive in-store experiences is essential for brick-and-mortar success.

Frontline ROX

Well-trained, knowledgeable retail sales associates are, of course, key to crafting that experience.

We’re witnessing a rapid change in mindset around how retail businesses measure success. It’s not just about "return on investment". Most retailers are adding a whole new metric to their vocabulary: “return on experience” (ROX).

Experience FLX®

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Employee expertise builds the customer experience

Employees are your very best brand ambassadors. Frontliner gives retail associates on-demand access to training, product info, and knowledge bases, making them confident in their ability to provide authentic and valuable advice to consumers—building customer loyalty and driving transactions.

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Vizual Proof and Frontliner are available as standalone applications, or together as part of the FLX suite of empowerment tools.

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Employee expertise builds the customer experience

"Technology made the remote workplace possible, and in the same manner, it can improve the employees’ training experiences."


Three Ways Technology Can Enhance Employee Training

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