Frontliner + Vizual Proof

By land, sea, and air:

From empowering your people performance to elevating your compliance solutions, FLX Systems has you covered across every segment of the transportation industry.

Authenticated video proof

Exceptional inspection and reporting on equipment, cargo, sites, and assets is critical for business success and the safety reputation of your company.

Vizual Proof combines the efficiency of electronic forms with the power and accuracy of video by capturing date and time-stamped video footage, then instantly converting the information to a hybrid text-video file that’s easily accessed from our backend management system.

We guarantee your people are executing exactly what's needed in a given context, keeping your business strong (and your costs down) by ensuring compliance with agencies like FMCSA, FRA, FAA, MARAD, and beyond.

EZ Power for warriors FROM ALL WALKS

SaaS efficiency meets true people power and remarkable ease of use.

Frontliner empowers independence in the field by equipping your team with on-demand training, reporting, and job-aid tools:

In real time and with the tap of a finger, make sure your people are confident, engaged, and effective so that your business can thrive.

Best of all:

Our backend management system is ridiculously easy to use, at once providing access to critical data and KPIs while seamlessly integrating with your other mission-critical platforms.

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Vizual Proof and Frontliner are available as standalone applications, or together as part of the FLX suite of empowerment tools.

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