Frontliner + Vizual Proof

Frontliner brings knowledge to your people, no matter where their work takes them.

Vizual Proof simplifies and authenticates federal, state, and company-required inspections and reports across every segment of the transportation industry.

Authenticated video proof

Maintain operational safety, readiness, compliance, and efficiency–anywhere you need to go.

Vizual Proof combines the efficiency of electronic forms with the power and accuracy of video by capturing date and time-stamped video footage, then instantly converting the information to a hybrid text-video file that’s easily accessed from our backend management system.

EZ Power for road warriors

SaaS meets true transportation efficiency and compliance.

Frontliner and Vizual Proof empower your workers with the tools they need whenever and wherever they need them.

With Vizual Proof, customizable text and graphic overlays are deployed to an employee’s mobile device camera screen, so you can provide task-specific, step-by-step instructions for inspections and reporting—guaranteeing they garner exactly the info you need.

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Vizual Proof and Frontliner are available as standalone applications, or together as part of the FLX suite of empowerment tools.

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